All the heart eyes!!!! The Romance, the love, the details, and all the sweet moments in between. I can't wait to be a part of it and to help guide you through the day and keep you on track as you focus on taking it all in.


Engagement Sessions or frolicking in nature for no reason at all. I want you!!!! I love to capture raw, candid moments that evoke real feelings between my couples. This is a season of joy and I intend to capture just that.


Portrait or In-home Newborn Sessions. I want to capture it all!!!! This type of session should be authentic and relaxed and should be a reflection of your lifestyle and family. I love to capture real moments as your life expands and progresses - to adorn the walls, digital, or otherwise. 


Hi, I'm Ashley Upchurch a full-time Atlanta born and based Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer. Photography found me three years ago, (hello 2017!!), and I learned that it's never too late to follow your dreams. 


I am dating the absolute sweetest man that God ever created, who believes in me more than I do myself sometimes. Being an only child was good for me; it allowed me to gain interest in meeting new people and creating lasting friendships. I am a dog-mom to my mini-goldendoodle Oliver: "Ollie" for short. If I am not photographing a wedding or an adventurous couple/sweet little family you can find me out and about with friends (or let's be honest- EDITING), I drink probably wayyyy too much coffee and love to snack. I am normally in fuzzy socks, some cozy pants and a sweatshirt lounging around the house listening to Petit Biscuit on spotify working at this beautiful dream of mine! I am definitely becoming a homebody since becoming a homeowner (I just love our sweet house, it's so cozy and my favorite place to be), but I will say travel and adventures still excite me. Which leads me to my other hobby, decorating. I love ALL THINGS home decor and am always redoing and rearranging our home, (follow me in my personal insta account here for some inspo)  I am absolutely in awe of the fact that this is my job and consider myself honored that my sweet clients have full trust in me to capture their special day, engagement sessions, and precious families.


My approach to photography is anything but traditional. I would have to say my style is emotion-evoking, very camera-unaware, and to me, a perfect photograph can be far from perfect or perfectly posed. I'm not gonna put a big camera in your face and tell you to "fake" smile and I'm dang sure not going to put you in a million (and absolutely awful) prom-like-poses. I love the wind-blown hair, an impromptu dance, and I don’t shy away from any movement. I am going to give you prompts and guide you into doing what you already do and that's to just love each other. I believe in capturing raw emotion and candid moments that tell the story of my couples and families. My goal is to make each couple feel comfortable and relaxed so that I can capture the most natural, genuine photos possible. I want your photos to evoke pure emotion and love for one another, capturing memories that you will cherish for like A-GAZILLION-TRILLION years!! Good?! 


I care deeply about my work, your experience, and the images I capture. I hope you find a home in these words and want to work together. 

If what you see and who I am, speak to you, send me a note and let's connect! - xoxo, Ashley


“Where to begin... Ashley has helped capture so many great moments in our lives. She's so accommodating, helpful, caring, and fun to work with. She did our proposal pictures, engagement photos, and just recently our wedding photos. We love all of her work and she will be our photographer for as long as she's doing it. I highly recommend her and her work, for anyone looking for an awesome wedding photographer.” 

—  Paige, Bride





You've probably been to 100 other photographer's websites and been searching around for months! But why? Is it because you what to see ALLL your options? You still just haven't "found the one" or is it because you saved the BEST FOR LAST?! What is you're story and why me? Why mine? What in the world should make you choose me?


I am not the photographer for everyone - by any stretch. 

I can not stress enough the importance of finding a photographer you love! You NEED to love their work (every bit of it) and you NEED to love them as a person, as someone you could seriously be friends with. You need to be fully "ON-BOARD" with their vibe. Every photographer thrives in a certain environment and has a niche. I thrive in outdoor weddings and adventurous couples sessions, usually at some amazing location that takes my breath away and has meaning to my couples. I treat EVERY-SINGLE wedding or shoot I do as a gift. It is so important to me to give my clients THE BEST experience during their time with me. I want you to know me, everything... the good, the bad, what makes me amazing and what set's me apart?  I make weirdly excited noises the whole time we're shooting and that's because I'm capturing raw and real moments that are just SO DANG CUUUUTE!!! You won't be surprised to find that you'll be laughing and smiling during most of your session. I adore those melt-my-heart moments, the posed and unposed, the real and authentic, and all the candid and passionate parts of you. I want to see how you light each other up and laugh so hard you snort. We will likely be hugging by the end of the day because this is SO much more to me than just a business exchange. This experience is about making sure you feel your best. It's trust and authenticity. SO YEAH GIRL, we're going to create some serious magic and have fun doing it!



I want to be so much more than just your photographer, or another DAAAANG vendor. From the moment you book with me to the delivery of your gallery I am in your corner. I'm there, whatcha need, queen? Just consider me that bff you can't live without, who would do anything for you.

Your RIDE-OR-DIE!!! Timeline help? I got it. Planning & Prep support? Handled. Vendor recommendations? I've got em'.

Need a coffee on the morning of the wedding? I gotcha. Need more champagne while you're getting your hair & makeup done? Coming right up! Your grandma needs her lipstick touched up before family photos? I'll do it. I'll fix that out-of-place piece of hair that won't stay in one spot, I'll blot your tears after the first look so you don't smudge your makeup. I'll crack jokes all day and fix your dress when it's crooked.

 I'll be YOUR GIRL, through the whole process. You've got me, and I am going to do everything in my power to make you feel loved and special and cared for. 


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