"An extraordinary 

There are few things in life I enjoy more than being a photographer! I pride myself on the experience I give to each of my clients and believe it is what sets me apart from the others. 

It's all in the approach

My approach is un-pressured and natural. During a wedding or session, I might gently direct you with prompted actions or movements but I pinky promise to never make you do anything that feels forced or pressured. 


I want to capture you, just as you are, all the characteristics of you and your relationship that makes you so unique. whatever it is, I want to make this experience feel natural and fun! Of course, I'll capture all the important family portraits and group shots, but the unplanned, candid moments in between, that happen all on their own, are what sets my heart on fire. 


I also understand that being in front of a camera is a very nerve-wracking and awkward feeling! I get it, I do. But you are not alone! Nearly every couple comes to me so excited to work together but with hesitations of "I'm not a model, or photogenic at all, I'm so nervous." Which are all valid feelings but I can promise you that I will lead you every step of the way and make this the most enjoyable experience for you!